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The Process

What is my creative process?  There is no simple answer.  


My artwork communicates and tells stories of contemporary life.  With a camera or note/sketchbook in hand, I record what I observe for future work.  I like to refer to my work as concept art infused with messages.  


My original work includes prints, paintings, collages, drawings and mixed media. The driving forces are the message and concept.  An individual piece can take weeks to months to complete.


Techniques are varied.  As an educator and technical consultant for fine art materials companies, I love to experiment with different mediums, using painting, drawing, and photography as the core.  From there, I combine, layer, add and subtract elements to arrive at the final composition. 


I have an eclectic career as a corporate strategist and marketer, a college professor, product developer, fine art materials technical consultant, educator and artist.  This background influences my approach to art as I draw on varied techniques.


Other major influencers are my education in art history and materials, along with developing creative products for Hallmark Cards.


All artwork is available for purchase.  Address all inquiries to this site's Contact page.

Presentation on Process 

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