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ART-litical - an online gallery

Art and Politics.  Do they mix or exist apart like oil on water?  Do we ignore to be safe or delve right in to be heard?  Do we listen with discernment and respect, or do we just react in the moment?

Art is a way to communicate with the purpose of recording culture and its focus - or lack of focus.  It is part of our history to remain as lessons for future generations.

This year (2024), choices will be made - good, bad or the ugly.  This online gallery visualizes some of those choices.


Obstacles   This piece is part of the Museum of Wisconsin Artist's (MOWA) exhibit featured at the museum's satellite location during the Republican National Convention this summer (2024) in Milwaukee.  The exhibit focuses on humor and politics.  Humor is a funny thing, hitting you over the head (POW!) or full of irony and a dark side.  Irony can be that thread making us think about common challenges.  The core of my artwork is symbolism and satire.  “Obstacles” shows a sinister line of vines leading the viewer/voter to the goal of reaching a voting booth.  The choice is obvious - navigate the noise and conflict by facing the line and voting.

Power Struck!    This is a piece to address blind action and media influence in the pursuit of power.  It utilizes photo images from the past to focus on the question "do things really change?"

MBabler_Power Struck! .jpg
MBablerButtingHeadsforweb - Copy.jpg

Butting Heads   In Butting Heads the viewer sees repetitive heads all silent in emptiness - what are they actually doing?  Complacency and indecisiveness results in no positive solutions.

Linear Thinking   A line of people with their backs to the viewer symbolizes crowd control and group-speak .  Are we courageous to stand alone or just willing to sit with the crowd?

You be the Judge   This collage uses media images and advertisements from the past and combines with paint and drawing materials.  The intent is to emphasize potential influences we use to discern when making choices.  Discernment is crucial.

Be on Guard!   The potential misuse of information is always in the shadow.  This collage is a combination of drawing, painting, digital prints and advertisements.  Framed in a shadow box to symbolize the influence of AI.

Do we look away?  Does judging or ignoring make us feel safe or accepted?  Is that really an option?  We can use our vote (our voice) to help make things better and force rational solutions for all.

CanWeLookAway MBabler.jpg

In This Together   We are all part of the same world; the same reality.  Most people want peace.  Rational solutions for our melting pot  world are needed no matter how events shake up our globe.  We are all In This Together first and foremost.  Use the past to learn from - not repeat.

Zapping MBabler.tif

Zapped!  What we say and pass-on to others matters.   Repeating untruths harms.  Negative group-speak damages all.  Integrity and truth matters.

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